GitRevio makes it easy to get an overview of developers and programmers.

Experience clarity in your software development processes like never before with GitRevio.

Gitrevio is a clever tool for CTOs, IT managers, Team leads


We integrate all data sources relevant to software development.


We visualize what’s happening in a format usable for technical leaders.


We automate many tasks CTOs, IT managers and team leads must do, hate to do and often forget to do.

Integration Of Tools

Adding new integrations is easy. We support adding proprietary systems integrations.

Speaking of AI

  1. Gitrevio provides AI workers able to do many of repetitive activities for managers:
  • People not doing estimates?
  • Tasks too big and nobody splits them?
  • User Stories being rolled over 5 sprints?
  • Acceptance from PO takes week?
  • People commit bad code, API tokens and passwords?
  2. Gitrevio can tell about all of those situations and many more. It can be shared to the manager or to the team, so the team can resolve the issue during next retrospective.
  3. And Gitrevio will make sure people will follow up and change their behavior after that retrospective

At Gitrevio, we believe that software development doesn’t have to be a black box. Turn your data into decisions and your codebase into a powerhouse.

Welcome to the future of software development management – welcome to Gitrevio.